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Top five reasons I chose the name CloudBerry: Reason #1

A lot of people have been asking me lately “ What’s a CloudBerry?” or “Why did you name your business CloudBerry?” The answer the first question is easy; check out my very first post: So what is a CloudBerry anyways? The second question is a little more tricky as I actually have quite a few reasons why I chose CloudBerry.

To break it down, I decided for the next five days I will blog the “Top five reasons I chose the name CloudBerry” starting with today.

Here we go! In no particular order, reason number one:

Cloudberries are one of my favorite memories of Finland

Food stylist Scandi Foodie's rendition of cloudberries and leipajuusto

I tried cloudberries for the first time as a teenager on a family vacation to Finland. A relative had invited us over for a delicious reindeer-steak dinner and afterword we had a traditional Finnish dessert of cloudberries, cream and Leipäjuusto (translates to bread-cheese and tastes amazing!).

If you live in Northern Minnesota, you can try cloudberries yourself at Duluth’s own Takk for Maten Cafe where they serve a similar dessert with cloudberry jam. Yum!

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I love berry picking in August!

I love berry picking in August!

August is one of my favorite times of year in Northern Minnesota. Lots of sunshine, heat and of course, berries! I spent my last days off picking berries with friends around Duluth and the North Shore and had TONS of success. Here is a shot I took of some nice blueberries we found:

Duluth blueberries in August

Duluth blueberries in August

I also had the “pleasure” of picking gooseberries for the first time. I say that with a hint of sarcasm because if you have ever picked gooseberries before, you know they are covered in razor-sharp thorns. Wasn’t enough to deter me from picking a pint for some delicious gooseberry jam! I guess you can say we enjoyed the literal “fruits of our labor”. Here is a shot of some gooseberries I picked:

Goosberries on the North Shore

Goosberries on the North Shore

We found raspberries, blueberries, juneberries and gooseberries, but so far I have yet to see the elusive CloudBerry!
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So what is a cloudberry anyway?

A cloudberry is an amber-colored edible fruit that looks very similar to a raspberry. They grow exclusively in the far north regions of the world and are most commonly associated with Scandinavian countries. They are extremely rare in the United States and can only be found in two regions: New England and Duluth, MN!

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