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Why giving companies your personal information might actually be a good thing.

Why giving companies your personal information might actually be a good thing.

The recent Beta launch of Facebook’s new Graph Search has renewed the ongoing discussion of internet privacy. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Facebook’s Graph Search will allow anyone to search Facebook for topics as specific as “Pictures of friends I went to high school with” or “Women in Minneapolis who like soccer”.

While this feature is new to the individual Facebook user, personal information such as your location, age, profession, interests, relationship status and sexual orientation have long been available to private companies who want to target you with Facebook advertisements. This information is gathered through your Facebook likes, Google searches, status updates and more.

Allowing companies access to so much personal information might seem a little creepy, but in the future it could benefit consumers by making the products we use better, cheaper, and more sustainable.

Allowing companies access to so much personal information might seem a little creepy, but in the future it could benefit consumers by making the products we use better, cheaper, and more sustainable. In the old days, marketers relied on so called “target marketing” to get products in the hands of consumers, which relied mostly on generalizations, assumptions and stereotypes. This poor understanding of a market’s needs often leads to over/underproduction.

The more information a company has about you, such as who you are, how to get a hold of you, and what you like and need, the easier it is for them to tailor fit their products to exactly what you want. This could eventually lead to almost all manufactured goods being custom made to order and ultimately eliminating over/underproduction for good. Eliminating overproduction saves companies money on things like materials, energy, storage space and shipping costs, allowing them to pass the savings down to customers. Less waste also means a cleaner environment. Eliminating underproduction means the products you need are available when you need them.

This 3D printed necklace, made of glassfiber-filled dyed nylon, has rotating linkages that were produced in the same manufacturing step as the other parts.

Imagine having affordable clothes made specifically for your body, or shoes made just for your feet. With 3D printing technology, this may soon be possible. With 3D printing, manufactures can make any three-dimensional shape from a 3D model using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes. Printed objects can be made from nearly any substance, including plastic, glass, human tissue, metal, sand and wood. They can build products faster and cheaper with less waste. 3D printers are already producing shoes, furniture, houses and soon even human organs!

So next time you see an ad on Facebook for a hot pink SPIbelt after doing a Google search for ‘hot pink SPIbelt’, remember that clueing-in companies on your needs and wants might actually make future products cheaper, higher quality, easier to obtain, more sustainable, and made just for you!

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Duluth’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference Recap

Duluth’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference Recap

Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference - Keynote Panel Address


Last week I had the pleasure of attending a world class social media marketing conference right here in Duluth, Minnesota. The Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference was held on May 23rd at the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth. The conference was sponsored by the Duluth Chamber of Commerce, AimClear, Swim Creative and a number of other local sponsors.

The social media marketing conference featured several big name speakers, including Rand Fishkin, CEO of search engine optimization software company SEOmoz, Lisa Grimm, Digital Brand Manager for the Mall of America, and Brian Kenny, Senior Digital and Technology Executive at the Luther Automotive group.

Many topics were covered at the conference, with several tracks for each experience level.  I attended tracks regarding content marketing, social media and PR,  and measuring social media success, among others. I felt most of the content covered at the conference was better suited for an individual business owner or in-house social media manager. However, there were certainly some things I have never heard before, such as a very sneaky way to grab the attention of the press using social media advertising techniques and some interesting insights about the future of semantic search. I will write more on some of the specific things I learned at the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!


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Duluth Superior Magazine Interviews CloudBerry Social Media for March Issue

I’m excited to announce CloudBerry Social Media was recently featured in Duluth Superior Magazine’s March 2012  ’9 to 5 Profile’ full page feature story, titled “Social Media and Your Business.” I was interviewed back in January and have been waiting to see how to article turned out. I have to say, I am quite pleased. Reporter Tony Bennett did an excellent job of getting across the points I made regarding what social media is, why local Duluth-Superior businesses should be using it, what CloudBerry Social Media does and how CloudBerry can help businesses in the Twin Ports and around Northern Minnesota. The article is on news stands right now and I encourage everyone to check it out. Also, I would like to thank reporter Tony Bennett, editor Marti Buscaglia and everyone over at Duluth Superior Magazine for including CloudBerry Social Media in the March issue. -Liz


UPDATE: The article is now online on the Duluth Superior Magazine website. Read it here: Social Media and Your Business.

Read the full page article "Social Media and Your Business" on page 57 of Duluth Superior Magazine's March 2012 Issue.

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Top five reasons I chose the name CloudBerry: Reason #3

I love berry picking!

A shot of last week's harvest just before we turned them into jam

I love berries – I love eating them, I love cooking with them and I love picking them! I grew up picking berries with my mom and my grandma and have many fond memories involving 4-wheeler rides through the woods, sorting the berries from the bugs, mosquito bites and of course, blueberry pie!

While cloudberries do grow around Duluth,  they are very rare and I have yet to see them for myself. Berry picking remains one of my favorite Northern Minnesota summer activities and I will be sure to post photos if I’m ever lucky enough to actually find cloudberries.

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Top five reasons I chose the name CloudBerry: Reason #1

A lot of people have been asking me lately “ What’s a CloudBerry?” or “Why did you name your business CloudBerry?” The answer the first question is easy; check out my very first post: So what is a CloudBerry anyways? The second question is a little more tricky as I actually have quite a few reasons why I chose CloudBerry.

To break it down, I decided for the next five days I will blog the “Top five reasons I chose the name CloudBerry” starting with today.

Here we go! In no particular order, reason number one:

Cloudberries are one of my favorite memories of Finland

Food stylist Scandi Foodie's rendition of cloudberries and leipajuusto

I tried cloudberries for the first time as a teenager on a family vacation to Finland. A relative had invited us over for a delicious reindeer-steak dinner and afterword we had a traditional Finnish dessert of cloudberries, cream and Leipäjuusto (translates to bread-cheese and tastes amazing!).

If you live in Northern Minnesota, you can try cloudberries yourself at Duluth’s own Takk for Maten Cafe where they serve a similar dessert with cloudberry jam. Yum!

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