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Duluth’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference Recap

Duluth’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference Recap

Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference - Keynote Panel Address


Last week I had the pleasure of attending a world class social media marketing conference right here in Duluth, Minnesota. The Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference was held on May 23rd at the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth. The conference was sponsored by the Duluth Chamber of Commerce, AimClear, Swim Creative and a number of other local sponsors.

The social media marketing conference featured several big name speakers, including Rand Fishkin, CEO of search engine optimization software company SEOmoz, Lisa Grimm, Digital Brand Manager for the Mall of America, and Brian Kenny, Senior Digital and Technology Executive at the Luther Automotive group.

Many topics were covered at the conference, with several tracks for each experience level.  I attended tracks regarding content marketing, social media and PR,  and measuring social media success, among others. I felt most of the content covered at the conference was better suited for an individual business owner or in-house social media manager. However, there were certainly some things I have never heard before, such as a very sneaky way to grab the attention of the press using social media advertising techniques and some interesting insights about the future of semantic search. I will write more on some of the specific things I learned at the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!


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Duluth Superior Magazine Interviews CloudBerry Social Media for March Issue

I’m excited to announce CloudBerry Social Media was recently featured in Duluth Superior Magazine’s March 2012  ’9 to 5 Profile’ full page feature story, titled “Social Media and Your Business.” I was interviewed back in January and have been waiting to see how to article turned out. I have to say, I am quite pleased. Reporter Tony Bennett did an excellent job of getting across the points I made regarding what social media is, why local Duluth-Superior businesses should be using it, what CloudBerry Social Media does and how CloudBerry can help businesses in the Twin Ports and around Northern Minnesota. The article is on news stands right now and I encourage everyone to check it out. Also, I would like to thank reporter Tony Bennett, editor Marti Buscaglia and everyone over at Duluth Superior Magazine for including CloudBerry Social Media in the March issue. -Liz


UPDATE: The article is now online on the Duluth Superior Magazine website. Read it here: Social Media and Your Business.

Read the full page article "Social Media and Your Business" on page 57 of Duluth Superior Magazine's March 2012 Issue.

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“Become a Social Media Expert” at the next Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports

Want to become a social media expert? Or at least get some of your burning social media questions answered? Join me at the next Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports this Friday 11-11-11 from 7:30am-9am at the Suites in Canal Park.

Click the pic to RSVP before it's too late. See you there!

Instead of having guest speakers this week, we will be doing round table group discussions, so you’ll get the chance to learn what others are dying to know, the struggles they are having and the opportunity to have your own questions answered. You wont want to miss this one!

Thanks to PureDrive, Duluth Pack, and The Suites Hotel in Canal Park for putting on another awesomely engaging social media event here in Duluth!

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Learn LinkedIn at Lake Superior College on Friday morning

Want to learn more about using LinkedIn? Make sure you RSVP to Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports’ free LinkedIn event this Friday at 7am at Lake Superior College in Duluth. Here is the link to the RSVP to the event: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2257769048

If you haven’t joined the Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports Facebook group yet, check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/SMBTP/

See you all there and happy networking everyone!

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Speaking at Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports

Click to join the Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports Facebook group.

Yesterday I had the chance to speak at the Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports event on the topic of blog content creation. It was my first time at the event and I had a great time. There where over fifty people in attendance and what a great group of people! I learned a lot from the other speakers as well.

The highlight of my morning? Brad Putney, who works on Duluth Pack’s social media efforts, recalling a time when he worked as an outfitter and a woman asked him if we “bring the islands in for the winter?” Gotta love it!

If your interested in attending the next Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports event, join the Facebook group for info on the next event.
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Ten cheap and easy ways your business can benefit from social media.

Social MediaThe number one reason most social media campaigns fail is because they didn’t have a specific goal in mind when they started. If your ready to jump into social media but still aren’t sure what exactly your using it for, here is a list I compiled of ten cheap and easy ways your business can benefit from social media.

You will find it most helpful to to choose one or two of these and be sure to measure and track them along the way. Make sure you stay focused on the one or two goals you have chosen and if needed, periodically alter your strategies throughout your campaign to keep them inline with those goals.

1.Responding to customer complaints.

All too often one of the first places customers with go to complain about a product or service is online. Use services like Google Alerts and Advanced Twitter Search to find out what people are saying about your brand online. Then quickly respond with either the answer to their problem or an easy way to reach someone at the company who can help them.

2.Build brand loyalty.

Give your customers a reason to visit your social sites. Create interesting content that gives them something to explore, something to talk about, something to share or just something to do. They will remember and appreciate you for it.

3.Recruit employees.

LinkedIn is arguably the best social networking site for recruitment purposes. Not only does LinkedIn allow you to easily network with other professionals, it also allows you to see their work history, recommendations, resume and any mutual connections you may have among other things. Recently they even added the ability to post job listings that LinkedIn members can apply to directly from the site.

4.Re-purpose your existing content.

Didn’t get enough readers on the last blog post? Not enough comments on the YouTube video you posted last week? Try reposting it somewhere else or incorporating into another medium such as your e-newsletter.

5.Manage your reputation.

One great place to do this is Wikipedia. Wikipedia, which has been cited to be more accurate than Encyclopedia Britannica, is often one of the first places customers will go for objective information on a brand.

Fill out your Wikipedia page completely, before someone else gets the chance to. It may still get edited by someone else in the future, but getting there first and keeping a close eye on it will make a big difference on how your brand is portrayed on one of the worlds most popular websites. Just make sure your entry is actually being objective or it will get flagged for removal.

6.Conduct crisis communications.

This one can be handled similarly to #1, but the difference is that if your brand suddenly finds itself in crisis mode, you want to be monitoring what people are saying immediately. You want to begin issuing statements via your social networks, as well as respond to individuals who have inquiries or opinions about the situation – especially those with the largest followings.

7.Demonstrate thought leadership.

You know a lot about your industry. One great way to draw traffic to your site is to demonstrate that knowledge with thoughtful and insightful blog posts, videos or photos.

The most important component of a good social media strategy is good content creation. In order to build a following, you must first give them a reason to follow you, i.e. helpful, entertaining or otherwise useful content.

8.Crowdsource your audience.

If you have already been doing #7 for sometime and thus built yourself up an online audience, it can easily become daunting to constantly come up with new content. So why not ask your audience to do it for you? Countless companies are already taking this approach by asking their followers to submit written content, photos or videos defined by a certain set of parameters.

Such requests must of course be accompanied by some incentive for your audience to create content for your brand, such as cash, non-monetary awards, or simply the opportunity to display their work in front of your audience and receive creative feedback. Most often this is accomplished through online contests. If you’d like to learn more about using social media to hold contests, leave us a message in the comments section and we’ll do a post about it.

Crowdsourceing is also very valuable when you are looking for feedback on your site, products or services. There is no better way to find out how your audience feels about something than to ask them yourself.

9. Showcase your products.

Social media is great way to easily and inexpensively showcase your products to your audience. You can easily display the uses and features of your products through online product videos, hi-def photos, or how-to videos. This is becoming easier and easier with the addition of photo-sharing add-ons like Flicker and Picasa on Twitter, easily posting youtube videos to social networking sites, and the new ability to create your own website with nearly whatever features you want – even E-commerce – right within your Facebook page!

10.Issue tweets and blog posts instead of news releases.

The days of the quarterly newsletter are gone. Customers want to know whats going on with your brand right now, not three months ago. Give them regular updates via your company blog or twitter account. It’s fast, easy and whole lot cheaper than a thousand pounds of printed paper and ten-thousand stamps.

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Top five reasons I chose the name CloudBerry: Reason #2

The “cloud” – or cloud computing – is what makes social media possible

For a more complete definition of cloud computing click the diagram above

Cloud computing is a pretty complicated concept with various definitions depending on who you ask. Here’s how I see it as it relates to social media:
If we all had to go down to the store to buy our own Facebook software, then put our Facebook CD-ROM into our computer when we want to use it, and then store all of our pictures, comments, friends, videos etc. all on our own computers, how many of us would actually take part in social media?

Thanks to the cloud we are able to store all of this information on someone else’s giant server and we are able to access it from any internet device – anywhere in the world!

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The Social Media Revolution

The Social Media Revolution

This video has been around for a while but the information is all the more relevant since social media has grown so much more since it was made. It contains some very interesting facts about how social media is changing the way we do business.

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