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Top five reasons I chose the name CloudBerry: Reason #3

I love berry picking!

A shot of last week's harvest just before we turned them into jam

I love berries – I love eating them, I love cooking with them and I love picking them! I grew up picking berries with my mom and my grandma and have many fond memories involving 4-wheeler rides through the woods, sorting the berries from the bugs, mosquito bites and of course, blueberry pie!

While cloudberries do grow around Duluth,  they are very rare and I have yet to see them for myself. Berry picking remains one of my favorite Northern Minnesota summer activities and I will be sure to post photos if I’m ever lucky enough to actually find cloudberries.


  1. Happy New Year! I am in a search for cloudberry preserves for my dear Finnish girlfriend. Is there ANYPLACE selling/shipping them in the US?
    Sites we have found so far say “sold out”! Catherine

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